melk art & design are not the only one’s celebrating this year’s Eastside Culture Crawl in our studio at 936 Clark! We’re joined by three other companies; Abbot of Cordova, Jon Janzen Craft and Shrapnel Design. We’ll be profiling each of these companies leading up to the Culture Crawl, so stay tuned!

Abbot of Cordova’s Dean Cloutier has been involved in fabrication and design for 14 years, and has spent his time working with, and searching, for new and interesting materials. Having always enjoyed working with metal, many of Dean’s designs have metal as the backbone to showcase the unique qualities of the material.

Abbot of Cordova’s tables, a unique fusion of metal and stone, were produced to show the amazing properties of Jade. As a stone, Jade is very rare and unique in the world. It is the hardest stone, and its composition is more like a fabric. The woven Jade is therefore remarkably strong, as can be seen in the coffee table, where the Jade easily spans the distance between legs with no compromise in its strength.

“Jade lasts forever and I find it fascinating to know the pedigree of the piece. So much of the value is knowing who has owned it and how it was passed on from one generation to the next.” – Dean Cloutier

Join us in our studio at 936 Clark Drive, November 20-23 to view the work of Abbot of Cordova. For more details and to RSVP click here